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Are you or your child interested in studying piano 

online or locally in the Madison, Mississippi area?  

Contact me, Elizabeth Goodine, to receive more 

information or to schedule a trial lesson.

 I look forward to talking with you!






I love those moments in teaching piano when I realize that my student is no longer practicing simply out of discipline or because someone is making him, but because he has become a passionate learner of music and a self-motivated student.  I am patient through the early ups and downs of the learning process because I anticipate these joyful moments!  



Preparing students for their unique calling and musical style preference.

Developing note-reading skills and cultivating a love for classical piano music.

Developing the ability to play by ear in all keys.

Learning how to use and write various types of chord charts.

Understanding how to play triads, seventh, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, sixth, and suspended chords, and how to teach them.

Introducing students to playing the Blues, Gospel and Contemporary Christian music for those who are interested.


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